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At CMCL, we practice humanistic management giving people the freedom to work well, to grow and earn their rewards. It is something, the North East’s leading Cement Company feels strongly about. Through people oriented management we have created a pragmatic, no-nonsense, performance oriented organization. There are achievable goals at every level – from Junior level to Senior level, Marketing to Administration, thus creating leaders at every level. All kinds of leaders with all kinds of potential.

Innovative HR practices have instilled the conventional wisdom that the employer and employee share the same fate and that every employee must benefit from the company’s success. Philosophies that look glossy on paper are complemented by realism right through the average person at the front office to the high-end Executive who understands the mutual objectives and drives himself to mutual excellence. It’s the togetherness that keeps us alive to excel another tomorrow.
CMCL’s concern for creating an atmosphere that fosters self-motivation, self- assessment and self-confidence is evident on the quality of inter-personal relation individuals share with one another. Work in a climate that is challenging, invigorating and fun and the rewards are directly proportional to the performance.

Personality is at the heart of CMCL corporate culture.

It is visible in the pleasant, spacious work areas, the abundance of space for communication - for spontaneous discussion as well as joint events. The outcome: customers & vendors are very happy with CMCL.

Spontaneous discussions beyond the confines of departmental or divisional boundaries are especially valuable, because many new ideas and tips have seen the light of day here.

Motivation by information of course, motivation also includes further training options, internal as well as external.